What Hill?

Race: The Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race
Date: Sunday, June 13
Course: Charlestown, MA
Length: 8K (4.97 miles)
Time: 43: 36
Buddy: Flipper

Well hello again, running fans! Did you think I forgot about you? Fear not, because since we last chatted, I have remained loyal to the sport that earned me my marathon bling.

I even took to the races this weekend with my fabulous friend Flipper (who, can I tell ya, earned an astounding FIFTH PLACE – yeah, that’s fifth, as in “right after fourth”, as in, yep, there were just four other women who finished in front of her – in a race of, I’d say, over 300, oh yeah – ahem, that’s my girl).

The sky was the color of cobblestones and the air was whip cold. The rain would play a role in many a runner’s race on this stormy Father’s Day in Boston. The battle began in the Navy Yard. I waited at the start line with pumping legs and an anxious stomach, decked out in my favorite blue Nike shorts (sorry, Sissy) and black Reebok sports bra top (you’re welcome, Sissy), red hat and “Wicked Fast Runnah” shirt (spoils from the Marathon Expo – thanks Mum and Dad), and my trusty blue-hued Saucony shoes (still stained from Puke Fest ’08). I lined up right on the line and let the rain swim all over me. This was going to be fun.

The air horn sounded and the runners sprinted forward. I should have known better than to line up at the top of the heap, but since this was a little race, the Champion Chips (tied into the runners’ shoelaces) would only read our finish times, not our starts. So, if I started off 15 seconds behind the start line, my finish time would be 15 seconds later than it should be. So, there was a method to my madness. I’m kinda getting good at this race-y stuff.

The race was pretty uneventful, but for a long and steep hill just after Mile 2. I would say I was running uphill (Bunker Hill, to be exact) for about 4 minutes. That’s a long time, considering I was only running for 43 minutes total. The hill was brutal (way steeper than Heartbreak, although shorter), so brutal that many stopped and walked (not I – dusting dirt off my sweaty shoulder), and one runner even let out a thundering, “How the #%*& long is this hill?”

That was pretty awesome.

Almost as quickly as it began, it was finished. The most remarkable element was how soggy my sneakers were. I take that back – the most remarkable element for me was my time – 43:36 – that’s just over an 8:30 split time. And my personal best. Granted it was 8:30/mile for only 5 miles, but how hard could it be to do 8:30 for say, 10 miles? There would probably be a lot of grunting, sweating and boogering involved (Booger Rags, I ❤ U), but I think it’s a solid goal worth working towards.

Also making the Bunker Hilling worth my while? The post-race omelets at Flipper’s place. Mmm … eggs and cheese: two of the biggest reasons I work out so much.

Which race will I tackle next? Nothing officially on the calendar yet. Stay tuned for more riveting post-race wrap-ups.

Also: stay tuned for “Before & After: How 26 Simple Miles Changed the Course of My Life”. (Course. Get it? Wahoo – Happy Weekend!)


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  1. Good job on the run! I found this searching for people blogging about the Bunker Hills Run, something I did here, in MN. Too funny that there’s more than one of those. 🙂

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