Post-Marathon Fun

I do more than just run. I also (apparently) travel the world. My mother and I just returned from a week in the fair cities of London and Paris.

I welcomed the extra week of guilt-free marathon recovery (how can one run when there are so many sites to be seen and so much gelatto to be devoured?) and I adored the chance to experience these two faraway lands – one quite familiar, and the other, quite, well, foreign.

So, how did Kiki and I spend our days?

We rode The London Eye.

We spied The Eiffel Tower.

We ate many, many sweet treats.

What else do I do for post-marathon fun? I go out with my marathon girls, of course. Shout out to Kristin, Katie and Jen, the only girls I know who can make grilled cheese and tomato soup look so dang hot.

Disappointment of the century: no photos. You’ll just have to imagine yourselves there. Think: marathon-day tanlines gone wrong (K-A-T-I-E may have been clearly emblazoned along one bicep), the making of plans for future marathons/half marathons/road races together, and way-low alcohol tolerances.



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2 responses to “Post-Marathon Fun

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  2. That treat looks SO YUM.

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