Marathon 411

Howdy, Marathon Enthusiasts!

Marathon Monday is a mere 5 days away. Oh, the anticipation! I’m feeling ready and enjoying the
unbridled carbo-loading and temporary license to drink as much blue Gatorade as I like.

If you’re out on the route, or know someone who will be, please commit this information to memory:
My number: 23906
Check my progress here throughout the race.

My start time: 10:30am (2nd wave)
Bear in mind, it can take 10 to 15 minutes just to cross the start line!

My (approximate) mile time: 9:30
I should be at the halfway mark in Wellesley at 12 or 12:30 and the finish line in Copley at 2:30 or 3ish.

My team: Children’s Hospital Boston
You’ll see me in a neon blue and orange-checkered singlet with “Running for Jayla” written on the back.
You can’t miss me, but here’s a photo just in case.

If you see me, or any runner sporting the Children’s singlet – scream, cheer, jump up and down, offer
orange slices and do anything you can to let us know you support us and simply KNOW we can do it!

If you see this little lady (Jayla in her Miles for Miracles cheer gear), be sure to giver her a “Hoorah” too!

Please let me know where you’ll be watching and I’ll be sure to look for you. I’ll be hugging the left-hand
side of the course, so I’ll be more likely to see you if you stand on that side.

See you at the finish line!


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One response to “Marathon 411

  1. Colleen

    It’s 10:43 … which means you are running right now. I am SO excited for you and SO proud of you. I can’t wait to finish this with you and to help you accomplish this amazing feat. (With your feet! HA!) LOVE YOU!!!! ~sissy

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