Hey, Marathoners, it’s time for your close-up!

Here we are, the proud and the faithful: The Boston contingent of the Miles for Miracles team.


Note the effectiveness of the reflective material on our tops, hats, sneakers, etc.

I’m 4th from the left in the front row. Is that a boy? No, it’s Kerry and her trusty glowing fuel belt. Coach Annie is the cutie preggo on the right. (Big news: her baby boy was born last night! I wonder if Saucony makes itty bitty baby shoes.)

Below: The Miles for Miracles ladies, chugging along. march_22nd_team_run_004.jpg

Take THAT, Heartbreak Hill!

Consider this the Where’s Waldo of Kerry’s running pics – If you look very closely, you can see my oh-so-slender left hip poking out from behind the runner with the red collar. I’m 4th from the left.

What you don’t see? My absolute glee and indefatigable joy at being only 4 weeks away from game day!

What you don’t hear? The runner on the right, happily trotting down the hill, shouting, “Suckers!”

Photo Credit: Coach Annie



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2 responses to “Cheese

  1. Colleen

    umm who cares if SAUCONY has baby shoes when you know darn well that REEBOK does!!!!!!!

    sooo close!

  2. HA! perhaps she wasn’t yelling it, but she was definitely thinking it!

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