I did it! 18 miles! WHEW! Lots of exclamation points!!! Lots of CAPS! Come on, people, put your hands up! Say it with me: “EIGHTEEN MILES!”

Katie, Jen and I (along with Holly and about 15 other Miles for Miracles runners), completed the New Bedford Half Marathon yesterday. But not before running 5 miles – at pace – as a (hold on to your hats) warm up.

All told, it took me about 2:46. I was psyched to run in an official race with time chips, numbers, water stops and (some) spectators. My lower back became very crunchy (yum) about 13 miles in, but after scaling three decent-sized hills (that have nothing on Heartbreak) and braving a pretty intense headwind brought to me by the Atlantic Ocean, I did it.

And I’m ready for the 21-miler on March 29 and 26.2 on April 21.

A treat for you – three sweaty hot runners:


Proof that my “running partners” are actual people. That’s Katie, Jen and I, at Train Boston, after our 12.5-miler.

I’ll try to take more photos in the coming weeks, but some of this stuff you just have to see to believe.



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2 responses to “Victory

  1. postalblue

    Wow, eighteen miles?! That is just awesome. I managed to eke out nine over the weekend and wanted to die afterward.

    I like to think I’m on a similar marathon-bound ramp, though I’ve never been much of a runner and just started this whole thing ten weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll hit 18 miles for another ten!

  2. CONGRATS K!!!!!! We are so proud of you – almost there!!!

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