So I read this post, forwarded by my fabulous sister, who ran 5.5 miles yesterday. On the treadmill. Without stopping. Can I get an, “Amen”?

It got me thinking (the post, not the sisterly jogging, but really, Colleen – you rock! Out loud. And in full color. Technicolor, even.). The worst part of this marathon for me (because you were REALLY hoping to hear MORE negativity, weren’t you?) is the anticipation.

• What to wear?
• What to eat (before, during and after)?
• How to stretch?
• Will my watch crap out on me?
• (Speaking of crapping out – oh no, I’ve gone there – I’ll stop now – but you get the hint – just another pre-run concern)
• What time to wake up?
• What will the weather be?
• Ball cap or ski cap?
• Gatorade or water?
• Gu or beans?
• Where (oh WHERE) to apply the Body Glide?

And the list goes on.

The good news? Once I get there, to the suburban training center where the Miles for Miracles team meets – just before 8am, every Saturday morning – I’m fine. The anxiety shifts to excitement and with the very first step, the mission has begun. Game ON, marathon!

As the steps become strides and the strides take shape into miles, the conversation with fellow runners flows, the previously awkward sneakers become just an extension of my legs, and snacking mid-run becomes a silly, fun, can-I-squirt-the-Gu-at-just-the-right-angle-so-to-spare-my-shirt game.

And the run becomes one step closer to the finish line – and $5,350 for Children’s Hospital.



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5 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Colleen

    umm AMEN.

    dude but running is BORING. i think that’s my biggest problem. step step step step. left right left right left right.


    but anyway. i am psyched duuude. 6 miles next wed. I’m gonna rock out!

  2. mcwriter

    Are you sure you just don’t want to start in Hopkinton with me and see what happens? Please. Pleeeeeeease?

  3. Linda McManama

    Hi Kerry,
    Peter will be working (and Tom, I think) for JH at the night-before “the BIG day.” If you go, look for him so he can give you a hug and words of advice (Not!).

  4. Jen

    Here’s some suggestions from my own personal experiences:
    -Wear something comfortable dry fit depening on weather I think for Boston I wore shorts and a tank and brought warm (old) clothes to donate and threw them on the side of the road along the race.
    -Eat a ton of carbs the night before my personal favorite spaghetti and meatballs light on the sauce
    I ate a bagel before I think and a ton of water. During I ate a lot of what they offerred along the way my favorite were the freeze pops and gummy bears.
    -Stretch everything!
    -Watch will likely be fine to get you through the race
    -Wake up early enough to eat breakfast and stretch and get to the start on time (sorry to say you probably won’t sleep much)
    -Weather can be iffy (is that a word)? Usually very cool early Am and warmer by the time you cross the finish so plan to wear layers and toss aside
    -I did not wear a cap….one more thing that gets sweaty to add weight
    -I alternated every other station between water and gatorade but mostly water.
    -I had a horrible experience with Gu after the Chigcago marathon and I avoid it now. It was havoc on my stomach afterwards!
    -Ha Ha Apply the body glide EVERYWHERE….Seriously all over your feet a thick layer there and under your arms. Cut the tags out of all your clothing and apply it where your waistband rubs.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!

  5. mcwriter

    Thank you so much for your help, Jen! I will surely be partaking in the pre-race pasta fest. The free pass to eat almost anything you want is one of the best parts of the training!

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