Holy Crap, The Second

Remember the first time I wrote this?

How far we’ve come, my friends. And might I say again, “Holy crap! ” We’ve reached my fundraising goal!

$4,000, baby – and it’s all because of your generous donations. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, with a cherry on top, tied with a ribbon of love, floating in a sea of overflowing gratitude.

There has been some running and hilling and gymming and many, many songs played, but I don’t have a ton of time right now to recount my sweaty escapades (oh, so sweaty) – I just wanted to share the amazing news.

Keep in mind, this news does not mean STOP, rather, it means GO. Go and give if you can. Go tell your friends to do the same. Go get excited about what these funds can do for kids like me, Jayla, or maybe a child you know. Oh, yes, and please, Go to the route on game day – all the cash in the world won’t buy me a free trip up Heartbreak Hill.


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One response to “Holy Crap, The Second

  1. Jen

    Congratulations on reaching your goal and such a fantastic cause! Keep up the great work. So glad we got to meet at Caroline’s birthday party! You are an inspiration!

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