Fun, Kerry, Fun!

Just trying a new blog title on for size. Not for now. For later. After the ‘thon. (Yes we are on a nickname basis. Anyone who inflicts this much pain on me better have a face so I can punch it thank it for the challenges it has allowed me to overcome and the fancy muscles – physical and emotional – I’ve gained from dealing with it – him? her? Definitely “him”.)

There, better now.

In thinking ahead (as I always do), I’m nearing the fine day when all of this preparation, dreaminess and apprehension will come to a glorious head (a 26.2-mile head) and will – poof! – all be a sparkling memory.

So, what do you think I should do then?

I’ve loved keeping this blog. It’s been a powerful means for me to keep my family and friends up to date on the oh-so-titillating details of my marathon minutiae, as well as a new way of meeting people and bringing in some work.

This has worked better for me than the other ill-fated blog I tried because it’s:
1. Personal, but not too personal
2. Interesting, but not controversial
3. Containing bits that most can relate to
4. A chronicle that has a nice beginning-middle-end quality
5. Me, but not too much of me (You may disagree.)
6. Fun, verbally – a daily exercise of stream-of-conscious writing
7. Not too controversial (Bears repeating.)

So, can you think of a topic on which I can write or a journey I can chronicle that may be just as fun/rewarding/traffic-building as ‘Thon ’08?

Keep me in your thoughts. Pass along any funny blog title possibilities. Hang on ’til April 21 – there’s still a lot of running (and blogging) to do between now and then.


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