Try, Try Again

Saturday’s Workout Stats:
Route: through West Newton
Mileage: 5.5
Time: 51:50
Best Song: “More Money, More Problems” by P. Diddy

Success! Turns out the torture treatments in the tush region were just what the shin splints lower-back pain ordered. It was decidedly UNuncomfortable (let’s see – two negatives make a positive – well, I wouldn’t say I was comfortable, per se) in terms of social awkwardness, but once the giant ball of pain muscle knot was sufficiently worked out, I was strong/confident/ready enough to hit the pavement on Saturday.

I will say I felt a little out of practice as far as the breathing, mental preparation and car-dodging went, but once I ran a few steps, it was just like riding a bike (or taking a run, as it were) and I think from here on it, I will be just fine.

Moving forward, I promise to:
•    Stretch better
•    Ice longer
•    Be more diligent about rest
•    Chill the heck out



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3 responses to “Try, Try Again

  1. Michelle

    I love your blog. You make pain so fun to read! I’ll be following along and cheering you on. Feel better.

  2. Chill the heck out and get google map directions in addition to the GPS, right???

  3. mcwriter

    Even the great Google empire can’t save me from myself. I’m going to need a map, a super-expensive GPS system, AND a super-patient, professionally trained navigator (does Garmin have a PhD program?) and then MAYBE I’ll make it to the finish line.

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