My marathon singlet.

Where I come from, they call these pinnies. (Remember pinnines?)


This is how I’ll look on game day.

Only a bit less smiley, plus I’ll be wearing a hat. And hopefully I’ll be rockin’ enough hair to pull back into a ponytail. And I’ll surely be drenched in sweat (and begging for PowerBars) once I’ve gotten to you. And, hopefully, my legs will have healed by then. Otherwise, it would just be a shirt.



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3 responses to “Behold

  1. I love that the runner is wearing a crown because you Children’s runners really are like royalty after all =) Hope you are healing!!! and yes, I am also part of the pinnies population…

  2. Wow, you will for sure stand out in the crowd!! And, your BC hat will coordinate beautifully, don’t you think?? Fashion for the runner…priceless

  3. Colleen

    that’s HOT.

    i’ve got to find some sort of coordinating outfit that i can write on “i’m with stupid” with an arrow towards you … hahaha. or it will really say “RUN KERRY RUN” with an arrow towards you!!!!!

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