RICE, Not Just for Eating

I’ve always been a fan of acronyms, spawning from my young days of watching Sleepless in Seattle and marveling at Nora Ephron’s use of such verbal shortcuts as MFEO (Made For Each Other) and H and G (Hi and Goodbye). Fast-forward to middle school and my early AOL days when LOL entered the universal lexicon (Laughing Out Loud – one I never warmed up to – too mainstream) and today where, at work, filler copy is applied FPO (For Placement Only) as the designers wait for my magical copy (usually complete words and spelled-out phrases – boo) and almost everything is labeled TBD (To Be Determined – but you knew that one) until someone is ready to commit.

Since I’ve never met an acronym I wouldn’t have to tea, I decided to commit to expanding my VAL (Voluminous Acronym Library – and, yes, I coin my own, and no, not everyone understands them, and double no, I don’t care) and embracing RICE, which will hopefully nourish my aching shins and stifle my overstressed melon.


Jen sent this antidote my way, as she also endured the dreaded SSes (Shin Splints – now you’re getting it!) in her quest to run the Boston Marathon. Although I detest the pain and abhor the idea of sitting around and waiting for a miracle, I do have BPL (Big Puffy Love – last one, I promise) for acronyms as an entity and verbal reductions as a group, so I will give this new one a shot.

Game on, RICE.



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2 responses to “RICE, Not Just for Eating

  1. TTFN-Ta ta for now! My fav when I have to go while IMing.

  2. Colleen

    YJMMH – You just made me hungry.

    Lunch time!

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