Stat-Free Post

This post is lonely. So lonely. Hungering for some juicy stats. A route. Some mileage. Just one measly time. And the music – where has all the music gone?

It’s all in one place. One crabby, burning, irritated place. The shins. No, not those Shins . These.

Dang. They still hurt.

So after two sessions of pinching, squeezing, and other tactics better left to measuring the ripeness of fruit (that, last time I checked, doesn’t have nerve endings), I am Still. Not. Better.*

I’m trying to be good about it. Take this time to write more, call old friends, try new recipes (you know, new hot dishes from Whole Foods). But, I’m getting restless. And hoping this will soon end. And growing nervous that I’ll be weak and unconditioned for game day.

Time is all I need. Time and patience. Time, patience and pointy, three-inch patent leather Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes. (Black. Size 8.5.) I’m just saying. In case anyone with deep pockets wants to cheer me up.

Hey, here’s something to brighten your day:

Jayla is doing really well. She is working on sitting up and has started eating some solid foods. She was fitted for her first pair of braces so she’ll be off and running in no time. One piece of advice for Miss Jayla: start slow, you don’t want to end up like me!

[*Side Note: I totally recommend The Boston Bodyworker for your sports injuries/aches and pains – the massages are totally loosening up my muscles. We’re just not there yet.]



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3 responses to “Stat-Free Post

  1. Jen

    Stay positive! Take it easy and rest you don’t want to over do it. You will be totally fine on marathon day! I severely injured my knee 2 weeks before the Boston marathon and saw an orthopod at Yale. The best advice he gave me was to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and it worked! Good luck.


  2. Linda Durant

    Hi Kerry,
    Keep on -keeping on…! You can do it! Thanks for sharing your story. I admire your commitment to training and Jayla is absolutely adorable.
    Makes me think of one thing only..Run,Kerry, Run!

  3. mcwriter

    Thanks Linda and Jen – YTB!

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