Un–Fun Run #5

Saturday’s Workout Stats:
Route: from my couch to the fridge and back again
Mileage: <1
Time: infinity + eleventy jillion boring, motionless minutes
Best Song: the theme to Run’s House

First, let’s get this out of the way (here’s a little foreshadowing for you literary-types): there was no fun run for me, in fact, there was no fun at all for this grumpy, shin-splinted girl who felt like two lead weights (you know, like the ball-and-chain kinda things from Tom & Jerry?) were tied to her ankles.

Actually, let’s be truthful here. Having Saturday off was more of a time-management blessing than a ha-ha-you-can’t-run curse. I got a lot done. A LOT.

Here goes:
• I picked up dry cleaning (that’s been sitting in a store. 1/8 of a mile from my home. since September. SEPTEMBER.)
• I picked up 2 pairs of pants from the tailor (to add to the holy-crap-it’s-too-cold-for-skirts rotation)
• I hit up the N-Ville post office
• I kept up the the Kardashians – big time
• I returned a movie to B-Buster (Paris, J’Taime – eh)
• I watched The Notebook (sob)
• I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (double sob)
• I discovered this (delightful)
• I took a walk at Humarock
• I enjoyed a long and fruitful reign as president of the world’s most fabulous card game (not to be named on this rated-G-for-“gorgeous” blog)
• I cooked a fabulous gourmet dinner of turkey sandwiches and pickles for my friends
• I cleaned Ginger (the red Jetta) – INSIDE AND OUT!
• I began a new personal writing project that I’m having a lot of fun with (maybe a short story?)
• I bought some groovy iTunes (Ingrid Michaelson’s Girls and Boys, Juno soundtrack, Love is Free by Cheryl Crowe and Love Like This by Natasha Betingfield – you know you want me to burn you a CD – not that I do that, piracy watchdogs)
• I hit up the Paper Source and endeavored a labor-intensive craft project (thanks, Keeks)
• I changed my oil (yes, Dad, I finally changed my oil – might sound like an everyday occurrence, but MAN, do I hate doing car-related tasks)
• I spoke to Jayla’s mom, Jenn, and got the low-down – pics to come!

Want to hear about my sadistic massage experience? Stay tuned …


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  1. Colleen

    notebook = sob

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