Fun Run #4

Workout Stats:
Route: Upper Falls through Waban, N. Highlands, N. Center, N.ville and back again (a running tour of Newton)
Mileage: 9
Time: 82:31
Best Song: “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane

I owe you a fun run post. So, better late than never, here it is:

I overslept this week. Or, rather, my alarm blew it. Can you blame a well-instructed and easily understood machine for your own error? In my case, yes. :o)

You see, Santa brought me a new iHome. I love, love, love it, but I am super-confused by its many fabulous facets. For example, did you know you can set two different alarms and set each to its own rockin’ iPod mix? She likes to wake up to classical. He prefers the melodic compilations of AC/DC. No sweat! Both can win with the incredible iHome. Unless you’re me (just me – sigh) and you wake up at different times on weekdays and weekends.

You can set one alarm for 5 days and the other for 2 days, which would theoretically mean you wake up at one time (let’s say 7:15) Monday through Friday and another time (let’s say 6:45) on Saturday and Sunday. (Side Note: Yes – it IS freaky that I wake up earlier on weekends these days than I do during the week.)

Long story short (because I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now anyway), my flawless plan for awakening from my weekend slumber failed.

But I still ran the assigned route. It was great. I traveled through many of the glorious Newtopian villages and soaked in the fabtastic weather. I tried Clif Shot Blocks (yum) and Jelly Belly Sport Beans (double yum) and I even sported my fueltoolbelt. The geekiness is palpable.

There was a lot of open-mouth chewing and water-bottle fumbling, but I made it through.

‘Til next time … (We’re running from Newton to the State House.)


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One response to “Fun Run #4

  1. Your next run is to the State House?!? WOW!!! Sorry you slept in BUT AMAZED at your dedication k!!!!

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