Cliche Realized

Wednesday’s Workout Stats:
Route: up to Center St., down to Washington St. & back
Mileage: 4 +
Time: ?
Best Song: “Love Song” by Sarah Bareillis

Shin splints, my friends. I have shin splints. What a terrible, lame, weak, first-time marathoner cliché. I’ve taken on too much, too fast, as they say, and I’ve earned myself a pair of aching shins. Sweet.

So now what? How does a girl relieve the (now constant) sensation of screaming shards of vengeful glass from her previously serene and high-functioning (albeit far less toned) lower legs?

I guess she heads to The Boston Bodyworker. That’s where my coach told me to go, and as you know, I do what I’m told, so tonight, fair blog readers, that’s where I’ll be.

I’ll go, if you make me, but let me be the first to say – I’m skeptical. A cursory perusal of their website explained they are neither an orthopedic doctor’s office, nor a physical therapy center. (Conventional Eastern medicine practices, be damned!) They are, in fact, a clinical massage destination. They promise to (read the tagline) bring clinical massage to the masses.


I investigated. I spoke to a very helpful person on the phone that revealed this isn’t your ordinary, relaxing massage (dang). It, on the contrary, would probably be quite painful and decidedly unpleasant.

Oh. That sounds better. I guess.

Supposedly, the cause of shin splints (exercise physiologists and enterprising medical students, don’t quote me here) is unhappy and super-tight muscles around the shins that need to be worked out (apparently through barbaric massage techniques), so that then the afflicted can then do the icing, exercising, resting, etc. that it takes to completely heal.

Still skeptical.

I’ll keep you posted.


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