Upon Further Inspection

Tuesday’s Workout Stats:
Route: up to BC Main Gate and back
Mileage: 5-6
Time: 51:55
Best Song: “The Underdog” by Spoon


So it turns out the bottom of Heartbreak Hill isn’t at Mile 20. It turns out Heartbreak Hill actually only refers to the final of four treacherous Newton hills. The one that runs from Miles 20 to 21. The one that actually sits at Comm. Ave. and Walnut St.


I THOUGHT Heartbreak Hill began at Washington St. and Comm. Ave., right at the Newton Firehouse, but, my friends, the firehouse is actually only at Mile 17.5. Whew! I have to rearrange my thought processes.

Up until JUST THIS MOMENT, I had been telling myself, “I just need to get to the firehouse, get to the firehouse, then I’ll catch up with Colleen and run on the adrenaline of home/family/BC/almost-there for the last 6 miles.”

But, hold the heck up – that’s only 17.5 miles. [In the voice of William from Almost Famous when he found out he was two years younger than his mother lead him to believe]: “SEVENTEEN-POINT-FIVE?!”

Thought process currently altering …



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4 responses to “Upon Further Inspection

  1. Colleen

    umm woah! we’ll have to discuss this situation!!

  2. mcwriter

    you can start from my place, okay?

  3. I hope my car and the T can keep up with the two of you. Kerry and our own Rosie Ruiz…any one remember her??

  4. Colleen

    I am NOT rosie ruiz!!! she’s the one who skipped out after like mile 6 and then joined back in at mile 20. MEAN KIKI, MEAN!

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