The Family That Runs Together …

Tuesday’s Workout Stats:
Route: down Heartbreak and back up again
Mileage: 3-4
Time: 33
Best Song: the melodic lilt of my sister’s voice

My sister, Colleen, made me a promise several weeks ago.

Inspired by my goal that at the time seemed lofty and far off, but has since become very real and painful in the calf area, Colleen decided to crank out a goal of her own that just happened to partner with mine. Literally. I’ve spoken about it before, but I’m going to throw it out there for the entire blogosphere to read and pass on to anyone in the greater-Boston area who may be spectating along the rolling hills of heartbreak in the lovely village of Newtopia on the afternoon of April the 21st (or anyone who, say, KNOWS someone who also MAY be there…).

Colleen is running Heartbreak Hill with me.
from the bottom to the top and around again until mile 26 (POINT TWO)

I declare this truth (and it is SO TRUE) not because I think she won’t do it, because she will. (Colleen has never been one to go back on a promise – ever). I exclaim it because I think sometimes she thinks she won’t be able to.

So, would ya’ll do me a favor? Would you go ahead and hit up Colleen’s blog and give her some words of encouragement?

Because she knows I couldn’t have done any of this dreaming, planning, fundraising, and outfitting without her and I think she just may need her own cheerleader for this one.

Let me be the first to say: Run, Colleen, Run!


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One response to “The Family That Runs Together …

  1. Colleen

    Oh Lord.

    Look what you’ve done.

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