Icy Hot

Yesterday’s Workout Stats:
Route: down Heartbreak and back up again
Mileage: 4
Time: 36:30
Best Song: “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse

Last night’s run was characterized by: achey shins (oh no!), warm breezes (for real), and ginormous puddles (which are hard to spot when it’s, you know, pitch black outside). Overall, it was a good one, although it was abbreviated from my intended 6 miles because my shins started hurting in the first couple of paces and I thought I could either 1) stop, 2) slow down, or 3) cut the run short.

Stopping only three months before marathon day? Umm … I couldn’t do it. Slowing down = also something I’m not fond of. My philosophy has always been: the faster you run, the faster you’re done (and, no, I didn’t intend to rhyme, but I guess as far as philosophies go, rhyming ones might be better than their not-so-poetic counterparts, wouldn’t you say?). So, I trimmed my run by 2 miles and arrived home in just over 36 minutes with shins that didn’t hurt … until I stopped.

So, I grabbed my trusty ice packs (generic CVS = very good coolness and gel-y consistency) and shoved them in some extra-tall socks (thanks, Dad), but not before completely forgetting to put something between my warm skin and the freezing packs. So, um, I burned myself. Oh, yes, only I could find a way to burn myself with the coldest substance on earth. (Side Note: Is ice, in fact, the coldest substance on earth?)

I’d take pics, those would be even grosser than the icy hair sweat shots and I guess some things are better left to the imagination.

Stay tuned: tonight I run with my McQuestionable sissy.


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One response to “Icy Hot

  1. Colleen

    i would appreciate it if you could write about how awesome i did on our very HILLY run .

    and thank you.

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