Fun Run #3

Today’s Workout Stats:
Route: same as last week
Mileage: 5-6
Time: 50
Best Song: no iPod!

This week’s run went really well. Our mileage went down this week – it’s called a “recovery” run. I think they should call it a mental health day for the marathoner. With the miles quickly adding up each week, I couldn’t help but get a little nervous.Last week, I was thinking, ‘Yes, I can run seven, but am I ready for eight?’ I think more than in the physical sense, I got a break from the mental stress and the interjecting question of, “Can I do it?” And now I’m ready for eight next week.

For a change, this weekend, I ran without music. As you know, I am ALWAYS plugged in on my runs. I feel like I can’t do it without my merry band of supporters – you know, Elton, Madonna, and the Hanson Brothers – yes, the Hanson brothers. So, I really stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend when I kept the headphones in my pocket. I still had them there, just in case, but I was having a good time comparing fundraising and training notes with my coach and teammates.

It’s amazing what you learn when you’re thrown in a stressful situation (read: running over ice and through major intersections) with people who are in the exact same mindset as you. My friends and family are very dutiful about asking how the training’s going, how my new workout gear is suiting me, how nerd-tastic I look in my new fuel belt, etc., but after a while you kind of get that enough-about-me feeling and want to change the subject.

But not with these girls! It was all treadmill inclines, non-chafing socks, and qualifying times. Don’t worry, guys; I’m not trying to qualify (this time) – but the girls I run with are. Me? I’m just trying to beat Katie Holmes.



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2 responses to “Fun Run #3

  1. Colleen

    You gotta throw in a link to an article about Katie Holmes … how long did it take her?

    Doing 3.5 miles today on the good old treadmill. I still have lots of weeks to get up to 6!

  2. mcwriter

    Done! 5:30. Eek – if I have to run for over 5 hours … I don’t know … please let me finish in under 5 hours!

    Run, Colleen, RUN!

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