For You, A Marathon

Today’s Workout Stats:
Route: Treadmill (sigh)
Mileage: 4
Time: 37:30
Best Song: “Fidelity” by Regina Spektor

Happy 2008.

I’ve never been one for resolutions. They all seem to sound more like last year’s regrets than this year’s aspirations. I guess I took on a pretty intense project in 2007 that has found its way into the new year, so I’m going to run with that one as I relay my wishes for you.

•    A healthy body
•    A clear mind
•    A goal
•    A team
•    A good sweat
•    A new understanding of giving & getting
•    An opportunity to meet new friends
•    The tools with which to push your limits
•    The healing of old wounds
•    The enthusiasm and support of family & friends
•    The pursuit of the perfect electrolyte replacement (or other such nutritional necessity)
•    Early wake-up calls with big payback
•    Redefinition of self, strength & success
•    Inspiration in a child’s smile
•    That “full circle” feeling
•    The chance to fulfill a dream

I wish for you, your very own marathon.



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3 responses to “For You, A Marathon

  1. that was beautiful mcrunner! i wish you all the best in the world on 2008!! miss you tons!

  2. Colleen

    you are punny.

  3. Keeks

    You go girlie. You should be a writer, not a runner. Oh, I guess you are already both! Keep it up!! Love you.

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