Fun Run #2

Today’s Workout Stats:
Route: Beacon St. to Newton Centre
Mileage: 7
Time: 64:01
Best Song: “The Underdog” by Spoon

Today’s weather was crappy. Today’s run was great. We ran a very simple route through the neighborhoods of Newton (Lower Falls, Waban, and Newton Centre) – dodging icesnowbanks and cars the whole way. The drivers were all quite kind so early on this rainy Saturday morning to let the pack of us go (even when they clearly had green lights)!

There were over 20 Miles for Miracles runners in attendance, with people representing all difficulty levels (novice, intermediate, advanced). Each group runs a set mileage every Saturday, based on a training program the coaches designed. Today, the novices (myself included) ran 7 miles. The intermediates ran 11. The advanced group ran 10. I’m not exactly sure of the logic behind one group running one distance this week and another next; all I know is next week is only 5 miles and … well, I do what I’m told. (Most of the time.) Yea.

So, it was fun to meet some new people and visit with some of the other nice runners I’ve met at past events. Even though I have to get up earlier on Saturdays than I do during the workweek (gasp!) to attend these runs, I actually look forward to them. It’s nice to get such an early start to the day and have such inspiring coaches to help get you going. And how can I forget the reason we’re all gathering so early on such a cold, wet, gray winter morning – the kids!

Miss Jayla is doing well, as is the rest of her family. I spoke to Jenn before Christmas and she said the family was looking forward to spending Christmas day at her mother’s house in Rhode Island. The family has a brief respite from the endless doctors’ visits – Jayla’s next is early January.

I hope 2008 holds many wonderful things for Jayla and her family – kind friends, fun adventures, and most important, good health.


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