No, not on the running – just the blogging!

I have taken a respite from the constant documentation – I’m sure your monitors have been quite lonesome without daily reports of my most inspirational hip hop compilations and just. how. sweaty my hair got – to spend a little time with the fam, eat a few too many anise cookies, drink a few too many glasses of pinot noir, marvel over the wonder that is Caroline, and otherwise celebrate the season.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the reason for the season – presents, of course – and the lovely elfin dude who treks all the way from the North Pole to bring them. (I wonder what kind of running shoes he wears.) As a sampling, let me tell you how generous Santa was in the marathon realm. I received:

• Fuel Belt (geek)
• PlayDry Gloves
• BC Fleece Hat
• BC Ball Cap (must. break. in for race day)
• Under Armor Cold Weather Running Tights (oh, THANK you, Santa!)
• Under Armor Cold Weather Turtleneck (so hot)
• Tons and tons of tops, hats, leggings and jackets from a well-known, Massachusetts-based sportswear manufacturer (oh, thank you, sister’s employee discount!)

Also, let me add how generous YOU have been in the donation realm. I have already received over 25 unique donations and am quite on my way to reaching my fundraising goal. But, there’s still time to donate – this is one goal I’d love to blow out of the water! (The 26.2 mile goal? Yeah – we’ll stick with 26.2, okay?) Feel free to surf over to my Miles for Miracles page, check out the activity and, if you can, give a little yourself.

Fun Run #2 tomorrow. Stay tuned for a rare, but not uncommon Saturday update. (Hold on to your hats.)


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One response to “Slacking

  1. Colleen

    heck yeah. discounts are awesommmmmmmmmmme!

    run kerry run!

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