Fun Run #1

Route: Team Run – Washington to Heartbreak and Back
Mileage: 6
Time: 52:01
Best Song: “Standing Outside the Fire” by Dad Garth Brooks

‘Twas the day of the McChristmas Party and all through the streets,
This McRunner went jogging, and her team she did meet.

With one coach in her car and another on the streets,
They encouraged with “good jobs” and even with beeps.

The teammates they traveled over Washington and Comm,
And stopped holiday traffic as the pack moved along.

The roads they were icy and covered in slush,
My hair was all icy, my cheeks were aflush.

You could here me exclaim as I ran out of sight,
6 miles in 52 minutes – I did alright!



Filed under Christmas, marathon, running, team run, training

2 responses to “Fun Run #1

  1. Colleen

    kdawg. where are you.

  2. mcwriter

    I just posted! Please read and comment, McQuestionable.

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