Holy Hills

Start time: 6:00 – SIX AM!
Route: Summit Ave.
Hills: 3x up, 1x down

So my very first hills run was pretty easy in that there were only three uphills to complete, but quite taxing in that the first began minutes before sunrise and hours before typical Kerry-rise.

I like to sleep in – sue me.

I’ve always been a night owl, only perpetuated by my time in writing school when my peak alertness HAD to be between 6 and 10 pm, lest I be outshined by some persnickety poet or self-sweating filmwriter.

When I arrived home after 10:30 (or later if we hit The Tam), I took to writing, as I felt most creative when the rest of the world felt most … asleep.

It’s been over three years since graduation, but I still find myself burning the midnight oils reading, writing, or generally pondering life’s big questions, like, “Why, oh why, Jamie Lynn, did you not use a condom?”

I digress. It was rise and shine at 5:30 this morning and off to Brookline to run the 1/3-mile, 70-degree incline up Summit Ave. Three times. Seriously, you’re running a precipitous uphill for about 4 minutes each time. I was wishing for my bed in a BIG WAY (and also, my mommy) about ¾ of the way up, but, guess what? I finished. All 3 of them. And lived to write about it.



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2 responses to “Holy Hills

  1. Jen

    Congratulations on your first hill workout! As my marathon partner used to say think of it as “positive elevation” Good luck!

  2. Colleen

    i hit when it said 1,359 hits ….. 359 baby!!

    and if you’re cool you’ll know why 359 is important

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