Dissociation and Me

So, Linda sent me this article. It’s all about tricking your mind into ignoring the excruciating pain and debilitating fatigue associated with marathon running.

There are tricks runners use, like counting steps, visualizing the finish line, and even writing mental letters to loved ones, that help them forget what they’re doing, so much so that they magically appear at the finish line and wonder how they got there. Not quite, but, you get the point.

For the purposes of this exercise (ha!), let’s put me in the sub-elite runner category (let’s not make the slow pokes feel bad), and here are some definitions that might help you sub-genius readers (no offense, guys – these are toughies) get through the article.

the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to movement.

of doubtful authorship or authenticity.

Finished yet? Now that you’ve read the article (you have, haven’t you? it’s terribly interesting), I have a few questions for you:

• What should my mantra be?

• Any fabulous ideas of things I could contemplate during long runs?

• Any “light at the end of the tunnel” visions I could envision?

Comments, please! Thanks, dudes.



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3 responses to “Dissociation and Me

  1. knitandrunjournal

    During my long runs I have been writing letters to the editor in my head. You know, all the stuff you want to tell people in power. Mostly mine are local issues – like why the school bond election shouldn’t include a 1 million dollar provision for a new football field at the local high school or why they should reconfigure the stop lights at a particularly busy pedestrian intersection.

    I’m not good at mantras. I just count my steps. Oh, actually I had a really goofy song in my head the other day. “We are Santa’s Elves” from the Rudolph movie. I hope your mantra is a little deeper than that.

  2. alli miller

    Hi Kerry, I am psyched to hear that you are running the marathon, i would love to run with you anytime give me a call 617-543-3097.

  3. Linda Durant

    Glad to see you had the time to read the NYT’s article! We wish you continued success in your training. Tough to decide upon a mantra…how about something to do with celebrating and pampering yourself after the race? How about reciting “new shoes”, “new shoes” to treat those tired little feet? Keep up the good work.
    Linda & Brian

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