These Boots Were Made for Running (Toward)

2 miles – treadmill
2 miles – elliptical
2 miles – bike
Best Song: More Money, More Problems by Puff Daddy P.Diddy

Can we make it to 1000 hits today? I’m only 61 away. Come on, people! Take one for the team – tell your friends. This might be as exciting as the day the Blue Poo (the Volvo station wagon my brother and I drove around in high school) hit 100,000 miles. Exciting in a far less gas-guzzling, soccer-mom posing kind of way.

Sometimes I feel like the Blue Poo when I run. Heavy, but reliable. Slow, but safe. Old, but always in style. How depressing does that sound?

Let’s take this from another angle. When I run, I feel like a gazelle, a Ferrarri, a bride-to-be tearing toward her chosen gown at the Filene’s Basement sale. Now that’s something I can sink my teeth into – running toward fashion. Maybe not a wedding gown, but some black, square-heeled riding boots with gold hardware? Now we’re talking.



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4 responses to “These Boots Were Made for Running (Toward)

  1. knitandrunjournal

    Good luck on your hits!

  2. Colleen

    i’ll pimp you out to my friends!

  3. Sascha

    Good luck Kerry! Definitely think about those riding boots – that’d be my motivation!


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