Very Merry Kerry

•    wrap, ribbon, repeat
•    write, address, stamp
•    surf, shop, select
•    beat, bake, bite
•    and other such holiday cardio

What to do on a night off?

When I leave work at 5pm and night has already blanketed the greater-Boston area like a suffocating garbage bag, I feel like I could head right home and hibernate. But run I must, on most nights, except for the rare (okay – twice weekly) night off.

‘What will I do?’ I wondered on my ride home, nervous that the night would stretch into some mind-numbingly boring evening that would have me wishing for summer in the middle of December.

Arriving home, I realized there was much to be done in the merry-making department, so I wrapped gifts, wrote thank you notes, hit up Amazon, baked brownies, and otherwise killed time until the season finale of The Hills.

What a bust. The Hills, that is. Not the night. The night was quite productive and decidedly merry.


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One response to “Very Merry Kerry

  1. colleen

    i agree. the biiiiiiiiiig announcement. more episodes … whoopdidoo, damn writers strike.

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