Smells Like Snow

Route: Med Vegas – South St.
Mileage: 4
Time: 38:19
Best Song: “Like I Love You” by JT

Yesterday’s run was quick and easy. I loved mixing it up with a Medfield run, which was a bit less traffic-laden than my Newtopia runs, but equally hill-acious.

Before my run, I was really enjoying hanging out with Kiki and Tivo, reading People (oh, Jennifer Love Hewitt, you are NOT fat!) and snuggling in my Uggs. I wasn’t looking forward to hitting the road, but with the sky’s gray hue and the intangible but distinctive scent of snow in the air, I figured I’d better enjoy an outdoor run while I had the chance. And it went well.

I can’t say the same for the windshield-scraping party of one I had in my driveway this morning. Rock solid, immovable sheets of ice on your windshield are not cool. Trying to scrape the demonic freeze in heels is even less cool. The un-coolest thing of all? Being sprayed by your own windshield washer fluid mid-scrape. Ick. I’d rather be running.


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