The Power of the Blog

Once upon a time, my brother and sister-in-law told my family, “We’re having a baby”, only weeks after they told us, “We’re moving to CT.” We wondered, ‘How will we know what’s up with our cashew when s/he’s so far from home?’

“Fear not,” Kerri said, “I’m starting a blog.”

And, so McCashew was born. And then, Sweet Caroline was born. And all of my family members (plus almost 100 other people) check the blog daily – several times a day, in fact – and feel so connected because Kerri informs us what Caro’s wearing, what’s she’s eating, and what’s up with all her new tricks.

Kerri told me, a writer by trade, “You NEED to be blogging.” I tried once, about 6 months ago. It didn’t work. I wasn’t sure what people wanted to hear about. I wasn’t sure who was reading. (Thus breaking 2 very important rules of writing before my posts even went live.) I felt very out there – purposeless – exposed.

“But this isn’t writing,” I had to tell myself. “This is blogging.”

And even though I am still a bit uncomfortable with the whole strange, lurky, who-the-heck-is-reading-the-chronicles-of-my-life thing, I am so jazzed about the subject matter, I’m willing to take the calculated risk to share my run for the marathon with the entire blogosphere.

And it’s totally paid off. I’ve received well wishes from more people than I could’ve ever imagined – friends, family, and complete strangers! Two of McCashew’s loyal readers even reached out to support my run – thank you, Aimee and Terri!

This blog-networking thing is unbelievable. My advice to you, loyal RunKerryRun readers: if you have something to say that you’re very proud of and willing to stand behind – start a blog. Then link your blog to other like blogs, comment on those blogs, and otherwise SPREAD THE WORD.

Now THIS is how gossip should go.


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