It’s All About Family

You know how at the Oscars, when the actors win, they lose several ounces of bodily fluid through their mass exodus of tears and start blubbering about mom and dad and kids and in-laws and deceased elders who weren’t necessarily family, but treated them “just like family” and so on and so on?

I always thought, ‘Oh, PLEASE! Go ON! You WON the Oscar already, you can quit the ACTING!’ But – I now find myself through every step of this marathon training, planning and fundraising experience thinking about how grateful I am for my family.

First, my parents, who were the first to say, “Heck, yeah!” when I asked them if they thought I could do it. I speak to my mother every day on my way home from work and it’s usually a pretty predictable back-and-forth of “How was your day?” and “What are you doing tonight?”

She and I keep a happy and regular tone throughout, so I was especially struck at the jovial lilt in her speech when I told her I was thinking about running the marathon. “You ARE?” she squealed. “How COOL!”

My father followed close behind and when I asked him if he thought I could meet my intense $4000 donation, he assured me we would make it happen. And we have been! This exciting thing for me is happening due in large part to my family.

I also have a sister, Colleen, who is three years younger than me. She too was completely supportive and confident in me when I shared my desire to run and even offered to break out of her physical comfort zone and run the last, treacherous, oh-my-gosh-I-don’t-think-I-can-run-another-step six miles with me. She also accompanied me to the reception and helped me chat with people, gather the necessary paperwork, and (oh, yeah) have tons of fun!

My brother, Stevie, is two years older than I and I was especially proud to hear his response to my initial revelation that I’d like to run, since I’ve always seemed to hang on the opinion of my big brother. “Cool,” he said, “Definitely. Definitely do it!”

My sister-in-law, Kerri’s reaction, was perhaps the sleeper hit of the lot. She took the emotional, sweet, good-for-you route. “That is so special that you’re running for Children’s, and so amazing.” She has already supported me in a million ways and we still have 5 months to go until game day! She even plugged my efforts on her yummy baby blog, which garnered one of my very first donations. (Hey, thanks, Jen!)

I am particularly grateful for my littlest fan, the delicious, the delightful, the delovely Caroline. Kerri and Stevie have promised to take the day off work, travel to Boston to cheer me on, and practice Caroline’s “Run, Auntie, Run” so she may better root for me in April.

I mentioned my family (and Jayla’s) in my donation letter because I think the health of a child (or an adult, for that matter) is a family concern. Just as I could not prepare for this marathon without the support of every family member (immediate and extended), I could not have physically thrived without the love, support, and hard work of my parents – driving me to and from doctors’ appointments, helping me recover from surgery, and supporting me through the tough emotional aspects of being a sick child.

Jayla is also lucky to be surrounded by so much love. Seeing her with Jenn and Jay makes me think of how much my parents did (and continue to do) for me, and makes me think, that love does, in fact, conquer all, and when I win my Oscar cross the finish line, the people at the top of my thank-you list are Mum, Dad, Colleen, Stevie, Kerri and Sweet Caroline.




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3 responses to “It’s All About Family

  1. Run, Kerry, Run!!

    Keep writing, too.

  2. Colleen

    I second the keekster.

    Although I’m confused that it is 3:31 and her comment time is listed as 5:46 … does Kiki time travel!??! How did I not know this in 24 years!!

    (I would check the “time zone” of your blog!)

  3. “we couldn’t be happier, no we couldn’t be happier”

    FOR YOU!

    Sometimes in life you must take these chances, set your sights this high, and take on the seemingly impossible to see just how much your family loves you… and we do…

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