Party Time!


Yesterday was the big kick-off reception for the M4M team. The Newton Marriott’s grand ballroom (also the site of my senior prom!) was bursting with activity and excitement, as over 200 runners and several hundred patients, parents, siblings and volunteers gathered to commence the M4M 2008 season.

There were snacks (popcorn, pretzels and ice cream bars), shimmery bunches of mylar balloons, and even a photo puzzle maker. Jayla and I are now immortalized on a 12—piece jigsaw puzzle!

My special guest, Colleen, and I arrived at 2pm to meet the Hudsons, already seated at our table – #2. Jenn, Jay, and Jayla were chatting and coloring (Jay is a PRO!) and Colleen and I were just tickled to meet the little miss (oh, yeah, and her fun parents too!).

I got to hold a sleepy Jayla for a while and she and I traveled around the ballroom, first for our puzzle photo and then for snacks. She was very sweet and quiet and her sparkly eyes looked at me quizzically, as if to say, “You’re new, but you’re okay!”

The reception turned into more of a pep rally, with inspirational stories and speakers and a cheer at the finale, that said: “Do it for the kids! Do it for the kids! Do it for the kids!”

Once we got in the car at 4pm, both Colleen and I revealed we were fighting back tears for the good portion of the afternoon. I left with a runner’s packet (given to me by the coaches, Annie and KaraBeth), a super-cool, ultra-offical M4M windbreaker (a gift from Jenn and Jay), and a surge of energy not only to get running, but to get fundraising.

So, last night, Kiki and I printed letters, copied donation forms, made mailing labels, folded packets and otherwise readied our big fundraising letter mailing. I will get stamps today and send out over 90 letters, in hopes of earning the $4,000 I promised to the M4M Children’s Fund, so that maybe next year, there will be far fewer sick children at this event, and a few more glittering Children’s success stories (just like me) present and ready to party!



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One response to “Party Time!

  1. Colleen

    Seriously that baby is too cute for words.

    Run, Kerry, RUN!!

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