Run, Interrupted

Route: Through West Newton
Mileage: 3.61
Time: 33:52
Best Song: “Read My Mind” by The Killers

We interrupt this regularly scheduled long run to bring you: New England winter.

Although it was super-cold this morning and not really, how do you say, “running weather”, I decided to go for it anyway. I really don’t like running in the gym when it’s so bright and sunny outside and I love my outdoor weekend runs because since it’s not dark, I get to weave in and out of the Newton side streets and explore my favorite nooks of the city. During the workweek, since I dislike running in the morning even more than I dislike running in the gym, I must run in the carriage lanes of Comm. Ave. because those are very well lit and very well populated. It’s really for safety – both for my legs (eek – potholes in the dark) and my person (the bad guys can’t find me on Comm. Ave., right?).

So today’s run was pretty darn frigid, but kind of hysterical at some points. Two people (TWO!) looked at me to tell me I’m crazy. One was a cyclist – he was suffering through the headwind I was enjoying as my tailwind – and he looked at me and said (or rather, yelled), “What are we doing?” Then, during a particularly large (and leaf-y) gust, a woman behind the wheel of a mini-van looked at me and did the whole “you’re nuts” hand motion – you know, pointer finger out, circling the ear? I’m like, ‘Hey, lady, you’re the one with a mini-van FULL of kids and 2 dogs – you tell ME who’s crazy.’

30-mph wind or no 30-mph wind, the show must go on!

Anyway, I’m home, and I’m thawing out – literally. The little hairs at the bottom of my hair that don’t fit in my itty bitty ponytail were at one point sweaty and another point ICEY. Yes, seriously, I had icicles growing on my hair. Hot.



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2 responses to “Run, Interrupted

  1. Jen

    I am a friend of Kerri’s. Good luck with your training such a great cause too. I used to run marathons too before I had my son. Boston was my favorite!

  2. mcwriter

    So nice to meet you Jen. I’ve been checking out your blog too. Thanks for the support!

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