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Fun Run #2

Today’s Workout Stats:
Route: Beacon St. to Newton Centre
Mileage: 7
Time: 64:01
Best Song: “The Underdog” by Spoon

Today’s weather was crappy. Today’s run was great. We ran a very simple route through the neighborhoods of Newton (Lower Falls, Waban, and Newton Centre) – dodging icesnowbanks and cars the whole way. The drivers were all quite kind so early on this rainy Saturday morning to let the pack of us go (even when they clearly had green lights)!

There were over 20 Miles for Miracles runners in attendance, with people representing all difficulty levels (novice, intermediate, advanced). Each group runs a set mileage every Saturday, based on a training program the coaches designed. Today, the novices (myself included) ran 7 miles. The intermediates ran 11. The advanced group ran 10. I’m not exactly sure of the logic behind one group running one distance this week and another next; all I know is next week is only 5 miles and … well, I do what I’m told. (Most of the time.) Yea.

So, it was fun to meet some new people and visit with some of the other nice runners I’ve met at past events. Even though I have to get up earlier on Saturdays than I do during the workweek (gasp!) to attend these runs, I actually look forward to them. It’s nice to get such an early start to the day and have such inspiring coaches to help get you going. And how can I forget the reason we’re all gathering so early on such a cold, wet, gray winter morning – the kids!

Miss Jayla is doing well, as is the rest of her family. I spoke to Jenn before Christmas and she said the family was looking forward to spending Christmas day at her mother’s house in Rhode Island. The family has a brief respite from the endless doctors’ visits – Jayla’s next is early January.

I hope 2008 holds many wonderful things for Jayla and her family – kind friends, fun adventures, and most important, good health.


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Also …

… Santa brought me iTunes. Here are some songs I downloaded for my phenomenal running mix . Full list to come – it’s up to 75 songs now …

Saint Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)
John Parr

Love Song (Live)
Sara Bareilles

The Underdog

Life Is a Highway
Tom Cochrane

How Far We’ve Come
Matchbox 2j0

I Won’t Back Down
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Bouncing Around the Room

Gimme More
Britney Spears


Right Now
Van Halen

Coldplay & Buena Vista Social Club

MMMBop (yes, seriously.)

When You Were Young
The Killers

The Best
Tina Turner

Bigger Than My Body
John Mayer

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No, not on the running – just the blogging!

I have taken a respite from the constant documentation – I’m sure your monitors have been quite lonesome without daily reports of my most inspirational hip hop compilations and just. how. sweaty my hair got – to spend a little time with the fam, eat a few too many anise cookies, drink a few too many glasses of pinot noir, marvel over the wonder that is Caroline, and otherwise celebrate the season.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the reason for the season – presents, of course – and the lovely elfin dude who treks all the way from the North Pole to bring them. (I wonder what kind of running shoes he wears.) As a sampling, let me tell you how generous Santa was in the marathon realm. I received:

• Fuel Belt (geek)
• PlayDry Gloves
• BC Fleece Hat
• BC Ball Cap (must. break. in for race day)
• Under Armor Cold Weather Running Tights (oh, THANK you, Santa!)
• Under Armor Cold Weather Turtleneck (so hot)
• Tons and tons of tops, hats, leggings and jackets from a well-known, Massachusetts-based sportswear manufacturer (oh, thank you, sister’s employee discount!)

Also, let me add how generous YOU have been in the donation realm. I have already received over 25 unique donations and am quite on my way to reaching my fundraising goal. But, there’s still time to donate – this is one goal I’d love to blow out of the water! (The 26.2 mile goal? Yeah – we’ll stick with 26.2, okay?) Feel free to surf over to my Miles for Miracles page, check out the activity and, if you can, give a little yourself.

Fun Run #2 tomorrow. Stay tuned for a rare, but not uncommon Saturday update. (Hold on to your hats.)

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Fun Run #1

Route: Team Run – Washington to Heartbreak and Back
Mileage: 6
Time: 52:01
Best Song: “Standing Outside the Fire” by Dad Garth Brooks

‘Twas the day of the McChristmas Party and all through the streets,
This McRunner went jogging, and her team she did meet.

With one coach in her car and another on the streets,
They encouraged with “good jobs” and even with beeps.

The teammates they traveled over Washington and Comm,
And stopped holiday traffic as the pack moved along.

The roads they were icy and covered in slush,
My hair was all icy, my cheeks were aflush.

You could here me exclaim as I ran out of sight,
6 miles in 52 minutes – I did alright!


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Holy Hills

Start time: 6:00 – SIX AM!
Route: Summit Ave.
Hills: 3x up, 1x down

So my very first hills run was pretty easy in that there were only three uphills to complete, but quite taxing in that the first began minutes before sunrise and hours before typical Kerry-rise.

I like to sleep in – sue me.

I’ve always been a night owl, only perpetuated by my time in writing school when my peak alertness HAD to be between 6 and 10 pm, lest I be outshined by some persnickety poet or self-sweating filmwriter.

When I arrived home after 10:30 (or later if we hit The Tam), I took to writing, as I felt most creative when the rest of the world felt most … asleep.

It’s been over three years since graduation, but I still find myself burning the midnight oils reading, writing, or generally pondering life’s big questions, like, “Why, oh why, Jamie Lynn, did you not use a condom?”

I digress. It was rise and shine at 5:30 this morning and off to Brookline to run the 1/3-mile, 70-degree incline up Summit Ave. Three times. Seriously, you’re running a precipitous uphill for about 4 minutes each time. I was wishing for my bed in a BIG WAY (and also, my mommy) about ¾ of the way up, but, guess what? I finished. All 3 of them. And lived to write about it.


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Kerry’s Running Must-Haves

There’s more that goes into my weekly runs than meets the eye. I’ve become rather adept at applying all of the accoutrement that ensure a smooth run. It’s merely a quick fastening of the watch, stuffing of the tissue (get your minds out of the gutter), popping of the ear buds, and adjusting of the hat and then I’m off.

Here are a few essentials I can’t live without, in case you were wondering. There’s still time to jump on Amazon and buy most of these things for your favorite runner (or just someone who likes fancy workout garb), so run, run, Rudolph (or Santa, as it were), and grab this gear!

1. Saucony Sneakers
I can’t say enough about this fabulous brand of shoes. I have tried on every type of shoe – Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance, and more, but every time (since my high school track days), I keep coming back to Saucony. They’re light, supportive, cushiony, and actually a bit less expensive than some of the aforementioned brands. If you don’t like running, try running in Sauconys and let me know how you feel after a few runs!


2. Running Tights
Each week, I save one pair of running pants in the laundry rotation for my Saturday long run. I have had this one pair of black Fila tights for years! I got them at Marshalls for $16.99 and they are the best because they wick sweat, taper tightly at the ankle for a wind-free, seal-tight fit, have 4-way stitching for a wedgie-free run, and are, actually, kind of flattering (as flattering as spandex can be!).


3. Lululemon Half-Zip Jacket
I’ve already proclaimed the glory all things Lulu, but in this case, I’ll have to say it again. Everything Lululemon is fabulous, and especially wonderful is this sleek top. It’s expensive, I know, but beyond being supremely functional, it’s super-cute and has a handy back pocket for housing disgusting Power Gel-y kind of mid-run snacks.


4. The iPod Shuffle
It’s light, it’s aerodynamic, and it’s full of super-awesome, mightily motivating tunes to run to (full list of said workout mix to come – stay tuned!). I have a Gen 1 shuffle and I almost think I’d like it better than the newer models, because it’s so easy to hold on a run.


5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Z-Bar
Speaking of mid-run snacks, this is the best one I’ve tried. It’s relatively easy to chew (who knew running, chewing, and TRYING TO BREATHE at the same time would be such a task 4 or 5 miles in?). I HATE Power Gel or any ooze-y, gel-like substance and running 10-plus miles at once is gagular in and of itself, so why torture yourself with disgusting snacks?


6. Viva Paper Towels
At about mile 7, my body starts to give off the “What-the-H-are-We-Doing-Here?” vibe. My ear buds start to fall out, my calves start to ache, and my nose starts to … well, there are a lot of boogers, people. So, I grab my paper towel (because in this situation, tissues will just. not. do.), and start wiping. Viva is very soft, too, which doesn’t hurt (ha!).


7. Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Really good to run with every once in a while, to see if you are, in fact, working at 75% exertion. Because sometimes you think you’re busting your hump, when your heart rate thinks you’re strolling in the park, and other times you think you couldn’t be plugging along any slower, when you’re actually OVERexerting yourself. You never know how much a hill affects you until you see your heart rate jump 20 beats per minute in the middle of Heartbreak Hill.


Okay – your turn – what can you not live without in the exercise realm?


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And You Thought I Was Kidding

Behold, the post-run icicle hair:


And for you, a close-up:

Route: Up to White Mountain (and no, I didn’t stop for fro yo), down to Auburndale Square & Back
Mileage: 10
Time: 1:40:01
Best Song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

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