Meet Jayla

I finally connected with my patient partner today! Her name is Jayla and I heard her giggle over the phone. Her mom’s name is Jenn and she is psyched about our special partnership. She said she, Jayla, and her husband Jay would be running with me every step of the way and I said … “great!” I can’t wait to meet them this Sunday at the Miles for Miracles reception. Until then, here’s a little bit about Jayla, in her mom’s words.

Jayla is a 15 month old little girl, (diagnosed with microcephaly, failure to thrive, and moderate developmental delay) who has been through more in her short life then I would ever wish on anyone. She has been hospitalized 4 times, 1 time to put a feeding tube in, had endless blood tests, goes to some kind of doctor at least once a week if not twice, and is seen by a therapist between 2 and 3 times a week both at home and at daycare. Through all this she continues to make progress and smile each day. She has given me a new definition of the word “fighter”.

What an inspiration Jayla and her family are!

Route: Up to BC Main Gate & Back
Mileage: 5.47
Time: 49:21
Best Song: “Streetcorner Symphony” by Rob Thomas


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One response to “Meet Jayla

  1. Colleen

    She is too cute for words!! I can’t wait to meet her!!!!!!

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