Run first. Then make merry.

To The Theater (said with pinky up, nose in air, and an English accent) with Timmy, Shane, Chloe & Teegan

Route: Gym – Treadmill
Mileage: 6
Time: 51:53
Best Song: “It’s Raining Men” (How apropos!)

It’s very rainy in Boston tonight, and lest I slip on wet leaves and stop this thing before it starts, I decided to hit the treadmill. So the treadmill flanker competition thing is really working because I really improved my time tonight. This could be because I don’t use any incline on the treadmill and well, the roads around here are conversely quite hilly. Or maybe I’m just super-fast.

Either way, it’s over – phew – and now it’s time to dec-o-rate! Do you think if I put up all the brightest lights and shinest ornaments, the big guy will bring me some new spandex?



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2 responses to “Run first. Then make merry.

  1. Colleen

    umm … p.s. colleen noanie and kiki were there too .

  2. McWriter

    How did I know that would come up? P.S. You need a pic for your comments.

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