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In filling out my Runner Profile for the M4M program, I thought it might be interesting to share some of my answers with you. Here goes …

Why are you running for Children’s Hospital?
I am running for Children’s Hospital because I am a Children’s success story! Between the ages of 3 and 22, I had seven surgeries to remove a recurrent ear tumor and correct the auxiliary damage.

After I “graduated” from Children’s, I went on to be treated at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where, this fall, I underwent another surgery to restore the hearing my previous illness had taken. In recovering from this life changing surgery, I could not wait to get back to running, and with my newfound confidence from having conquered another tough milestone, I realized now was the time to take on a new challenge.

It’s particularly meaningful to run for Children’s because it was my most recent ear surgery that gave me the strength to run the marathon and it’s in gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and staff that I run this race. It is so other children and families have the same cutting-edge technology and tenacious support and compassion that I had, that I run for Children’s.

More to come … Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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