Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heartbreak Hill

Route: Up & Down Heartbreak Hill
Mileage: 4
Time: 38:58
Best Song: “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” by Elton John & Kiki Dee (Yes, seriously.)

This weekend’s calf-burning 8-mile run called for a nice, easy jog tonight. It’s getting chilly in Boston, though. Tonight was the first night I could feel the wind coming through the armpits of my Lululemon half-zip jacket – conveniently covered in some kind of netting for “breathability”.

I love all these industry-created athletic marketing terms. My favorite is “Dri-fit” – the functionality, not the words. I hesitate to write that for fear that Nike’s minions will find my itty bitty blog and sue me for not using the trademark symbol. Sorry, oh gods of all clothing athletic; if I knew where to find it, I would include it.

Anyway, onto the running stuff …

I received a giant group email (sent to over 150 others) from my M4M coaches. Their names are Annie and Kara and they seemed pretty psyched to get started. Here are some highlights from the 4-paragraph email:

• the official training for the Boston Marathon will begin on December 16

• the first long run for the novice groups will be a 6-miler, so work on getting up to that distance by the beginning of December

• there will be weekly long runs on Saturday mornings at various places around the city of Boston

• there will also be a weekday group hill run

• we will do everything as a team, if you choose to participate – all ability levels are encouraged to come to ALL of the group workouts!

They also noted we could call or email if we had any questions. They MIGHT be sorry they wrote that. :o)



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2 responses to “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heartbreak Hill

  1. Colleen

    dont go breakin my heart is the best karaoke song ever.

    i did my 2 miles yesterday — woohoo!!

  2. mcwriter

    Good for you! How did it feel? Are you running with tunes? I have my phenomenal workout mix burned for you. We’ll do the exchange on Turkey Day.

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