Special Delivery

Route: Charles River, Harvard Square
Mileage: (??? running for time)
Time: 36:36
Best Song: “Best of What’s Around” by Dave Matthews

I arrived home last night to a deliciously full mailbox (delicious because it contained no bills!). In it were three envelopes from M4M. They included:
1. Patient Partner Info.
2. Reception Invitation
3. Donation Info.

I am very excited to be running for a girl named Jayla from RI. I haven’t learned anything about my patient partner yet; I am going to contact her mother and set up a time to chat. Hopefully Jayla and her family will be at the reception on December 2nd.

It’s all becoming very real with phrases like “sign here” and “send your non-refundable deductible”, but these legal and financial commitments might be just what I need on days after long runs (read: today) when I’m feeling less than optimal (read: REALLY tight) and need a little inspiration to override my screaming urge to CAMP OUT on the couch. The deal will surely be sealed when I meet Miss Jayla. Can’t wait!



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3 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. Colleen

    I’m going to make you a country fan …

    Download “Still Feels Good” by Rascal Flatts — very upbeat and fun.

    Tomorrow is my first day of “training” you know, for the 6 miles of the 26 you plan on running. Go me.


    ps. can’t wait for dec 2

  2. Colleen

    oh and that photo looks profesh. if running doesn’t end up working for ya … or writing … you know, photography pays decent.

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