Fridays Off!

Route: Down (!) Heartbreak Hill to Auburndale Square, up through West Newton and back to Newtonville
Mileage: 8.2
Time: 1:19:19
Best Song: “Love That Dirty Water”

Today was a beautiful day in Boston. Perfect for a long run.

I spent the morning organizing, stretching, reading about marathon runners’ nutrition (Runner’s World: Complete Book of Women’s Running) and … hanging curtains? Kiki and Teve came over for some hardware installation and interior decorating advice (Teve – the former, Kiki – the latter).

I set out in the afternoon ready for a great run and … I guess positive thinking really works because I did, in fact, have a great run. I put my shiny, new pedometer on my hip, my trusty watch on my wrist, my Shuffle in my right hand and a peanut butter Z Bar in my left. Despite a wicked headwind, I came back and hour and twenty minutes later with crampy calves and a spring in my step.

I knew this would be good for my body, but I never knew how clear and happy my mind would feel. With a goal in mind and a mountain to climb, every little success is a new victory. I am having SUCH FUN.


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