Route: treadmill
Mileage: 6.2
Time: 54:20
Best Song: “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne

So, I’m off and running (ha – the puns will SURELY continue throughout – COUNT on it) with my training. Although the official M4M training schedule doesn’t begin until Game Day minus 18 weeks (that brings us to Christmas – ho, ho, ho my gosh – it’s time to run), I’m trying to pre-prepare for its rigors (if “pre-preparing” is even possible).

My run went well – it was the first time I’ve run indoors in a very long time. I much prefer running up and down Comm. Ave., but I don’t like the potential injury-inducing potholes that lurk around every corner. So – SIGH – on especially dark and precipitastic evenings, I’ll be hitting the gym.

Gym Cons:
• The treadmill – Ugh – I never feel like I’m “covering ground”
• The temperature – holy sweatiness!
• The questionable dude on the machine next to me breathing REAL HEAVY

Gym Pros:
• The milage, timing and other stats are very accurate
• Good people watching
• My strange need to “beat” the person on the treadmill next to me could actually be improving my time
• No potholes

Best Carbo-Loading Partner-in-Crime (although she had the salmon): The New Mrs. Arcoma
Carbo-loading or not, you MUST try the Pasta Bolognese at Church (not the house of worship – the restuarant) in Kenmore Square. Delish! (I think I’m going to REALLY ENJOY the eating part of this endeavor!)


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